The Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St. Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE

About the Sanctuary

Welcome to Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary, a loving home to horses, ponies and other animals. It is situated on grassland backing onto St Osyth Creek. The aim of the sanctuary is to give a peaceful loving home to animals in need. We have 40 horses and donkeys, around 26 rabbits, 40 guinea pigs and many other domesticated and farm animals in our care. We have many very elderly horses in our care and others who have on going health issues.

We aim to ensure every animal feels special and loved. We have to limit the amount of animals in our care to ensure they get love and attention on a one to one basis and we aim for every horse/pony to have a stable. They are not kept in large herds to ensure they are easy to give individual attention to.

In February 2017 we took on 4 horses who travelled over from Southern Ireland when their owner passed away. He wanted his much loved horses to stay together and be safe and loved at the sanctuary. We also have some lovely little piebald young ponies who came to us as frightened unhandled foals from travellers. They have grown into lovely natured ponies.

All animal lovers welcome at Open Day!

We feel it is very important that animals feel valued and loved when they arrive at the sanctuary. A sick animal that is loved will always do its best for you. It’s much easier to treat an animal that wants to live than one that has given up. This works for us over and over again. Some of our animals have pulled through an illness when the vet has given very little hope of recovery.

If you would like to help!

We have no paid staff but we are lucky to have some very valued volunteers and friends, who either help with the animals or fundraising. It costs nearly £4000 a month in food, bedding, vets fees and repairs to care for the animals. If you would like to help, please see our ‘Help Us’ page.

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For more information please email or write to us at The Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St. Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE