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Our Llamas

We have 5 llamas at the sanctuary. In the picture is Crystal, our rebellious llama (She might even spit at you if she can’t get her own way…) With her you will see a baby llama – also called a ‘cria’ – this is Tug, Cleo’s first born. Tuggy was born on the 14th August 2011. 

Carol has a strong attachment to him, as Cleo never produced any milk and so Carol fed him with a bottle for the first few months of his life. Tug is much smaller than the other babies, as he had a bad start and became poorly after a few months too. He’s fine now and has a lovely personality.

Gem who has now sadly passed away was our wise older llama. She was the mother of Cleo, Crystal and Ruby.

llama family tree


Ruby was born on the 25th August 2011. Ruby is very friendly and has learnt to jump. She jumped out of the stable window recently because she wanted to be outdoors.

Cristal is a lovely girl who gave birth to Zeva on the 25th August 2011. One and a half hours after, her mum Gem gave birth to Ruby. Zeva has very striking eyes and her colouring makes her look like she is wearing a mask.

…and then we have Mack

He is responsible for Tug, Ruby and Zeva. Mack is a lovely coloured male llama, chocolate, beige, cream and white. We looked forward to Tug, Ruby and Zeva coming out multi coloured, but it didn’t happen that way. White ruled over all, but we love them anyway.

We are often asked why llamas?

Steve and Carol had a love for llamas for many years and owning one had been a distant dream.

After recovering from a serious illness other people would probably have a holiday, but not us. To celebrate Steve having a second chance with his health we decided to buy a llama which was Gem. Gem was pregnant with Cristal and then we couldn’t leave Cleo on her own so we took her too. Llamas are amazing animals and we could not imagine life without them.

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