The Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St. Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE

Meet the volunteers

The sanctuary has no paid staff.  We rely entirely on donations and volunteer hours.  

We are lucky to have a diverse team of all ages who dedicate many hours every year to helping us look after the animals.  Some come for 1 hour a day 365 days a year and others come for several days each week.  Most have been with us 5 years or more.  

We will now introduce some of them.  

To the right here we have Katie.  Katie has been volunteering with us since she was a child and she is now in her 20’s.  She loves the horses, especially Kaisey.  She is a very hard worker and extremely dedicated to our mission.

To the left here we have Peter and Des with Martin.  Des is a lifelong friend of ours who comes most Wednesdays to help with the animals, building projects and open days.  Peter started helping us with building projects and maintenance around 5 years ago when he retired and he comes several times a week.  His contribution is really invaluable and we are so grateful to know him.

Jo is Martin’s eldest child and she comes to help us both with the smaller animals, open days and fundraising.  She is pictured here collecting money for us at Morrisons in Clacton December 2022.  The sanctuary is a really family friendly place and our volunteers often bring their children with them to help on their days with us. 

Jo has 2 sons Charlie and Colby (Martin’s grandsons) and they often get involved on open days and events.  Charlie had the important task of being Santa’s elf at our Christmas event in 2022.  We think it is nice that the children learn to love and respect animals of all kinds from a very early age.

To the left here we have Emma and Scrumpy (her best buddy) Emma has been coming most days for the last 8 years, usually just for 1 hour at a time.  She helps look after the dogs and cleans Scrumpy out.  She also helps with fundraising and social media.  Emma has 2 young children Ella-Grace and James who have both been coming since the day they were born.

The sanctuary is a magical place that welcomes diversity. We embrace the differences in each other.

Aside from the people mentioned above we also have many many more valued volunteers and regular supporters who help make the sanctuary what it is. 

Simon comes every Sunday morning bright and early to feed and water the horses. 

Keith, Jill and Dorothy come on Wednesdays to help feed and water the animals. 

Jake has been coming for years on an ad hoc basis to help with the horses and building projects.

Gemma pops in every now and then but has been coming for over 20 years to help with horses, sheep shearing, tidying and whatever needs doing on any given day.

Freddie an Otley College student is also currently helping out.

Debbie and Jinny have helped us for many years on open days running the canteen and raffles.  They have also been instrumental in the planning and organising of our Christmas events.

We also have an amazing team in our shop who we will feature here very shortly!

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For more information please email or write to us at The Animal Sanctuary, Greenland Grove, St. Osyth, Essex, CO16 8JE